Transforming a Market in Europe

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Marmite is a leading designer and producer of premium engineered-stone bathroom products in Europe. Marmite established its leading position through the development of proprietary technology, disruptive manufacturing techniques and a culture of excellence. The management team and Cranemere are committed to continuing to build the company while maintaining its culture and values. Marmite’s fundamentally superior engineered stone product is contributing to a materials conversion cycle, away from the traditional alternatives of acrylic and porcelain by offering greater design flexibility, heat-retention, scratch and stain resistance, and a more luxurious feel.

Roger Johansson founded Marmite in Sweden in 1975, growing the business into the clear European market leader.  He believes Cranemere is a unique partner.

“Cranemere offered a partnership approach to Marmite unlike any of the other options that were being considered. Cranemere thinks about the future of Marmite in the same way as I did as the founder all those years ago: they think strategically for the long term and are genuine partners to its strong management team. A great deal of Marmite’s success is down to the culture and values of its people which was built up over many years. I knew on meeting the team at Cranemere that this culture would be maintained and nurtured over the years to come. Already they have made decisions to benefit the long-term health of Marmite, decisions which I believe other owners would not have made, which made me believe that Marmite would continue to flourish under the stewardship of Cranemere” – Roger Johansson, Founder

Since partnering with Marmite, Cranemere’s long term approach has translated into opening a new manufacturing facility, expanding internationally in Europe and America, and the active pursuit of acquisition opportunities that expand our product portfolio and geographic reach.

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